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$tsla 📈⚡️🚘🚀👽🥤
Created at11 19, 2021
catalysts - 12/5
$TSLA catalysts - 12/5
1/ CEO 10b5-1 plan end... more
$TSLA catalysts - 12/51/ CEO 10b5-1 plan ends Dec2/ FY’22 Vol/EPS hikes Dec3/ Berlin/Austin open Dec4/ Biden $8K EV credit Dec5/ Inv Grade Upgrade F’22 1Q6/ Shanghai expansion F’22 2Q7/ 4680 scale product’n F’22 2H8/ CyTruck launch F’22 2H9/ Compact launch F’23$1,400 PT— Gary Black (@garyblack00) December 5, 2021
12월 9일 오스틴?
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    흥미진진하네요. 1/10 분할한다는 얘기도 있더라구요
    @알퐁 별거 아니게 지나갈 수도 있겠지만 빨리 12월 9일이 왔으면 좋겠어요