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Huge jangeo dolsotbap
It's a restaurant that serves eel hot pot rice and spring vegetable hot pot rice among course dishes ...
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70 Years of Traditional Korean Soup 'Hadongkwan'
The story of Tasty and Nutritious Gomtang having 70 years of tradition.
The taste of Hadongkwan's hands for 70 years was created by three generations of grandmothers in Bukchon, Seoul
It is the peak of traditional Korean Tangban culture.
This is the history of Hadongkwan's hand-me-down that requires a lot of time and care.
The secret to keeping the taste of Hadongkwan for a long time.
Beef from Gomtang uses only Korean beef (beef) imported from one house for 62 years.
Hadongkwan offers barley tea made with carefully roasted barley.
Hadongkwan Gomtang is closed when all the things prepared for that day are sold out.
How to order a menu
Choose between Normal and Special
You can choose one type of meat. (The default is meat)
You can choose one or two types of meat.
(The basics are meat and stuffing.) Although it is not on
the menu, there is something called taste baegi made by customers.
Usually, it means adding more meat instead of reducing the amount of rice.
Basically, Hadonggwan Gomtang is prepared by soaking dry rice for better digestion.
159, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul coex mall B1 J101