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Culture Only in Korea in the World
This is a PC cafe.
There are many PC rooms in other countries, but the only thing in Korea is that i ...
inside a korean PC cafe + MUKBANG PC방 먹방
Self photo studio!
There have been a lot of self photo studio in recent years. It's quite a lot in Gangnam, too. You do ...
"Seoul Forest" near Gangnam
Did you know that there are really nice forests and parks near Gangnam? It's Seoul Forest. Access f ...
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Recently, the most hip neighborhood in Seoul!
It's a town called Euljiro!
It is a mixed space between commercial districts in the 1960s and 1970s ...
〖4K〗Seoul's Hidden Beer Alley : "Hipjiro" Euljiro Nogari Alley on "Hot" Friday Night 불금 을지로 노가리골목 걷기
I think Korea has great security
It's relatively easy to get around at night, and there are many stores that open until dawn.
(ENG) 한국의 치안에 놀란 남아공 친구들 # 밤산책은_처음이라 # 행복 l #어서와리플레이 l #어서와한국은처음이지 l #MBCevery1 l EP.86
Nice spa program nearby Samseong and Jamsil
She's my favorite YouTuber, and she uploaded a lot of reviews about the spa she paid for. I brought ...
한국인삼공사에서 스파도 하는거 아세요? 인간 홍삼 되고 옴
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Namsan Tower, one of the most famous attractions in Seoul
A representative Seoul attraction selected by tourists visiting Korea!
It is Namsan Tower.
If you go up on a fine day, you can see the whole of Seoul at a glance, and there is an observatory and a restaurant at the top of Namsan Tower
Another fun thing is that you can write your wish on the lock and hang it up when you go up to Namsan Tower. Try it when you go up to Namsan Tower :)